It's Grooming Time!
Why "It's Grooming Time"?
Why did I choose the name "It's Grooming Time"? It was not a very hard decision and here's why....
In 2003 I graduated high school. I began to search for a job, now I had known that I wanted to be a dog groomer since I was about 7 years old, so I decided to look for a job in a grooming salon. I called a salon in Linden, called "It's Grooming Time", and spoke with Annie, the owner. I went in that week for an interview and Annie and I just clicked immediately. The following week I began to work for Annie as her bather and assistant. Not long after working for Annie she realized I had high potential for being a groomer. She began to teach me some tricks of the trade and began to show me the different ways of styling. Annie was a wonderful groomer, her work was always perfect. I wanted to be just like her. Unfortunately, in 2005 Annie became ill and could no longer work or teach me how to groom. Annie knew how much she meant to me and how badly I wanted to one day have my own grooming salon, so Annie gave me the rights to "It's Grooming Time". Sadly, In May 2006 Annie passed away. So in honor of my dear friend and mentor, Annie, I have named my salon, It's Grooming Time.

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