It's Grooming Time!
Services & Policies
At It's Grooming Time we offer a number of services available to meet your pets needs.
Each pet will have his/her own private evaluation.
The evaluation will check for coat condition, skin problems, fleas/ticks etc. Ears, eyes, and teeth will all be checked. Evaluating your pet allows me to better judge the type of shampoo to use, brushing methods, other services that may be beneficial to your pet, and it also helps me determine the temperament of the pet.


Proof of up to date rabies vaccine must be furnished for all pets before they will be groomed.

A signed release form is required for senior pets and for pets who are severely matted. Sometimes groomings can uncover hidden medical problems or aggravate a current problem. Because the pet is much older, or very matted, they are at greater risk. The release form gives me permission to obtain veterinary treatment if necessary while the pet is in my care, at your cost.

If you can not make your pet's grooming appointment kindly give 24 hours notice.
There will be a $20 "no show" fee for missed appointments without calling.

If your pet defecates outside the store, please clean it up, bags are available inside the reception room.

Pets who are matted WILL be clipped short. It is extremely painful to the pet to brush out excessive knots.

There will be a $10 "day care" fee for any pet that is not picked up within 3 hours of completion of their grooming.


5 min=$7
10 min=$12
15 min=$17
20 min=$22
30 min=$32

By appointment only!
Add to your pet's grooming appointment or schedule just a massage!

Benefits of Massage:
1- Eliminates soreness by promoting healthy tissue consistency.
2-Releases deep-seated tension patterns.
3-Separates muscle fibers, as well as muscle from fascia, increasing circulation and muscle efficiency.
4-Enhances coordination by improving neuromuscular response.
5- Improves performance and endurance
6-Improves muscle tone
7-Eliminates muscle soreness
8-Prepares muscles prior to workout or performance
9-Increases blood and lymph flow
10-Improves flexibility; muscles become supple and resilient
11-Promotes peak performance
12- Prevents injuries by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed, resilient, and free of "trigger points"
13-Promotes mental and emotional  well-being
14- Prevents through protection, an animal's basic physiological requirements for protection is freedom and ease of motion; waiting for an injury to occur or increase in severity before seeking help lengthens recovery time.

Information taken from "Pet Massage: Communicate With Your Pet Though Touch"
by Stuart Farnell, L.M.T.

 Full grooming services are available for dogs.

Sorry No Cats

Services for small animals include bath, brush, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and trim where needed.

Our services include:
Full Grooming: Includes a luxurious bath with the HydroSurge bathing system, which cleans pets better then hand washing since it massages the shampoo right down to the skin, it leaves your pet cleaner and smelling better longer, it not only leaves a clean pet but massages your pet too! ahhh! complete relaxation!
Only top of the line premium ALL NATURAL pet shampoos are used.
Complete hand drying, NO CAGE DRYERS USED!! (Some pets fear hand drying in which case NO HEAT cage dryers are used if needed)
No more worrying about your pet being locked in a cage for hours at a time! They are only caged when they first arrive and once they are groomed and waiting to be picked up.
Nails get clipped and ears get plucked (where applicable) and cleaned.
Your pet gets brushed and styled according to your request.
A spritz of cologne and bows and/or a bandanna.
Price of full groom varies by breed, please call for an estimated price. Price may change due to size of your pet, condition of the coat, and temperament.

Bath & Brush Service:
 Short Hair Dogs: Includes Bath, Hand drying, Brush & De-shedding, Nails clipped, & Ears cleaned.
Paw pads shaved if needed.

Long Hair Dogs: (between haircuts) Includes Bath, Hand drying, Brush out, Nails clipped, Ears plucked and cleaned, & Trimming around the Face, Feet, and Sanitary areas.

Love your pet, hate the shedding?
Ask about our shed less treatment!

*Includes a de-shedding shampoo followed by a moisturizing deshed solution.
* A full 30 minutes of brushing & de-shedding.
featuring the Furminator de-shedding tool.
This treatment can cut your pet's shedding down 60%-80%!!

(additional de-shedding fees apply*)

Nails Only: $10/$14 large dogs (included in full groom)
Ears Cleaned Only: $4 (included in full groom)
Ears Plucked and Cleaned only: $6 (included in full groom)
Teeth Brushed: $6
Anal Glands Expressed: $6 ($16 
 without full grooming)
Flea Bath: $16-$26 extra
Medicated Bath:  $16 extra
De-shed Bath Package: $20 small and medium breed/$30 large breeds* 
Additinal De-shedding: $1 per minute (20 mins included in full groom/30 mins included in deshed package)*
Additional De-matting: $1 per minute (10 mins included in full groom)

We do not administer sedatives. If you feel your pet needs to be sedated please speak with your veterinarian. NEVER drop off a sedated pet without informing the groomer they are sedated!! Sedated pets need to be handled differently and closely monitored.


Payments in Cash, Checks*, and Credit Cards** accepted.

*$30 return check fee will apply.
**Visa and MasterCard only.

Checks: Please include your drivers license number and home telephone number on the face of your check.

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