It's Grooming Time!
It's Grooming Time
396 Avenel St.
Avenel, NJ 07001
It's Grooming Time is a full service dog grooming, massage salon, and boutique located in Avenel, NJ. All breeds welcome.
Hours by appointment. Tues-Sat. Evening appointments available on Thursdays.

    At It's Grooming Time we strive to make this your pet's BEST grooming experience ever! How do we do this? IGT is different from most grooming shops for many reasons. All equipment at IGT is state of the art, modern and up to date. From the Hydrosurge bathing system, which cleans your pet better then handwashing since it massages the shampoo right down to your pet's skin and massages them too! To hydraulic tables so larger, arthritic, and older dogs do not have to be lifted, but instead the table is lowered so they walk right onto the table then gently lifted.. NO CAGE DRYERS!! At It's Grooming Time we 100% hand dry each and every pet. (cage drying used for dryer frightened pets.) This makes for a much quicker and more pleasant groom. Pet's cage time is very limited, they are only caged when first dropped off, and when grooming is complete and they are waiting to be picked up. We use only ALL NATURAL Shampoos and Conditioners.Our stress free groomings make IGT a wonderful environment for all pets including older, special needs, first time grooming, nervous pets, pregnant etc. We are also veterinarian recommended!   These are just a few things that make IGT different. Come in and see for yourself!

Owned and operated by groomer, Rachel De Luca
2006 Nash Academy of Animal Arts Graduate.
Instructed by Joey Villani (Judge on Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It")

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             We offer therapeutic 
Check The "Services & Policies" Page for More Information!


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